The New Landscape

My artistic practice is a vibrant exploration of social justice, community dynamics, and my deep connection with the natural environment of the Pacific Northwest. Despite the serene beauty around me, I remain keenly aware of the global injustices that persist in our world today.

I enjoy working on multiple images simultaneously; my process is a fluid dance of layering stencils, shapes, and colors, with each stroke informed by what I see or how I feel. Throughout most of my artistic career, I have been a printmaker, but I also love the spontaneity of paper pulp painting and have even begun acrylic painting. My entire being is invested in the creative act—from mixing pigments to wielding syringes and turkey basters or drawing with hot glue to create some of my stencils. My movements are guided by a visceral response to the emerging imagery. This process, both mentally and physically demanding, fuels my artistic expression, transforming mark-making into nuanced conversations, unspoken emotions, and silent protests. Colors clash and converge, mirroring the tumultuous world I navigate, yet amidst the chaos, moments of tranquility emerge, offering respite and a chance to breathe freely.

Through my mastery of contemporary techniques and materials, I craft surfaces that serve as canvases for my thoughts and emotions, bridging the personal and the universal. Each artwork becomes a reflection of my immediate community and the broader global landscape, inviting viewers to contemplate the interconnectedness of humanity and the pressing issues that shape our collective experience. What we all see, whether in nature or in our society, creates a visual snapshot of how we view the world, hence A NEW LANDSCAPE.

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