I have created a group of small acrylic paintings of fruits and veggies in a series that I am calling GRATEFUL. The series will continue to grow in time. I have decided to give 30% of my profit from these artworks to the COMMON THREADS PROJECT. Common Threads Project is a nonprofit organization that partners with local community groups to provide effective, culturally responsive psychotherapy for girls and women who have endured war, sexual violence, and displacement.

Check out their website!

These paintings are being sold at Gallery Row, in Gig Harbor, Wa., through social media on Facebook and Instagram, or you can contact me directly at [email protected]. If you don’t have room in your home for more artwork, please consider making a donation anyway!

“Together we create a path to recovery…… As a supporter, you can be proud of the opportunities you have created for healing invisible wounds.”

The giclees, high end reproductions, are displayed below. All are priced at 50.00, plus shipping. Common Threads Project will receive 50% of the cost of the giclee.


[email protected]

[email protected]

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