“ENVIRONMENTS” is a body of work that I have been creating over the past 2 year. It reflects my reactions to the world around me; whether it be politics, social justice issues, community interactions, and the natural environment that surrounds me, the Pacific Northwest. As I move through the day these “environments” intersect and affect how I think and feel. We have had our share of difficult years. The pandemic continues, we are trying to navigate turbulent political forces, there are social injustices that are continually occurring, and now there is an unjust war happening in the Ukraine. We are all trying to navigate through our new normal, but this seems to change moment to moment. After living in Evanston for 45 years, we moved to the green, lush mountainous Pacific Northwest. It has changed how I view my daily life. I see the world through a different lens, but I am continually bombarded with global injustices. I cannot ignore that I am deeply disturbed by the happening in our troubled world.

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Long Summer Days